Thursday, December 07, 2006

Indie Spotlight: Recycled America

Every Thursday here at Denim and Leather we will showcase an unsigned or independent label band and showcase them.

If your band would like to be featured on the blog, send me a media kit or any type of mini-biography of the group. I also need your best tune on mp3 to feature on the site and your webpage/myspace URL if you have one. In addition, you can send a picture of the band and a touring schedule and we will review and post it.

The address to mail your stuff is:

Denim & Leather c/o Brian Carson
6 Green Tree Lane
Lewistown, PA 17044

Or send your materials by email at:

Remember, this is a hard rock/heavy metal site. So if you sound like some boy band, please DO NOT send your stuff to us.

Our first spotlight is on the band Recycled America. Recycled America is a duo comprised of Aaron Bossinger (guitar, vocals) and Alex Griffith (bass, background vocals). They are currently looking for a drummer and a keyboard player.

The duo, originally from Central Pennsylvania, are now in LA working on material and going to music school.

They have some cool stuff, a sort of amalgamation of many different styles - hard rock, metal, acoustic, pop and even a little jazz thrown in from time to time. The song they sent is only a demo - but it's still solid stuff. A very good tune you all should check out.

The song is called, 'Say No More.'

Click here to listen

You can also check them out on the Recycled America myspace page. Click here to go there.

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