Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chart History: Led Zeppelin

Chart History is a feature that highlights a hard rock/heavy metal act and how well the duo/group or individual performed on the Billboard charts.

This week we focus on the group Led Zeppelin. Here is a rundown of all singles and albums that charted while the group was together. Greatest hits and other compilations are not included - only studio and live albums are.

1968: Led Zeppelin (No.10)
1969: Led Zeppelin II (No.1)
1970: Led Zeppelin III (No.1)
1971: Led Zeppelin IV (No.1)
1973: Houses of the Holy (No.1)
1975: Physical Graffiti (No.1)
1976: Presence (No.1)
1976: The Song Remains the Same (No.2)
1979: In Through the Out Door (No.1)
1983: Coda (No.6)
2003: How the West Was Won (No.1)

1. Good Time Bad Times (No.80)
2. Living Loving Maid (No.65)
3. Whole Lotta Love (No.4)
4. Immigrant Song (No.16)
5. Black Dog (No.15)
6. Rock And Roll (No.47)
7. D'yer Mak'er (No.20)
8. Over the Hills and Far Away (No.51)
9. Trampled Under Foot (No.38)
10. Fool In The Rain (No.21)

Note: In case you were wondering about "Stairway to Heaven." The song was never released as a single, because Led Zep refused to have the song cut. Back in the old days, (I know I was around), record companies wanted singles to be less than four minutes in length and would cut the song to make it so-called radio friendly. The band wouldn't do this so the song was never released. If it had, you could say pretty safely that "Stairway to Heaven" would have hit number one.

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