Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chart History: Deep Purple

Chart History is a feature that highlights a hard rock/heavy metal act and how well the duo/group or individual performed on the Billboard charts.

This week we focus on the group Deep Purple. Here is a rundown of all singles and albums that charted while the group was together. Greatest hits and other compilations are not included - only studio and live albums are.

1968: Shades of Deep Purple (No.24)
1969: Deep Purple (No.162)
1969: The Book of Taliesyn (No.54)
1970: Concerto for Group and Orchestra (No.149)
1971: Deep Purple in Rock (No.143)
1972: Fireball (No.32)
1973: Machine Head (No.7)
1973: Made in Japan (No.6)
1974: Burn (No.9)
1975: Stormbringer (No.20)
1976: Come Taste the Band (No.43)
1976: Made in Europe (No.148)
1984: Perfect Strangers (No.17)
1987: The House of Blue Light (No.34)
1988: Nobody's Perfect (No.105)
1990: Slaves and Masters (No.87)
1993: The Battle Rages On (No.192)

1. Hush (No.4)
2. Kentucky Woman (No.38)
3. River Deep-Mountain High (No.53)
4. Black Night (No.66)
5. Smoke On The Water (No.4)
6. Woman From Tokyo (No.60)
7. Might Just Take Your Life (No.91)
8. Knocking at Your Back Door (No.61)

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