Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Chart History: Cream

Chart History is a feature that highlights a hard rock/heavy metal act and how well the duo/group or individual performed on the Billboard charts.

This week we focus on the group Cream - fronted by Eric Clapton. Here is a rundown of all singles and albums that charted while the group was together. Greatest hits and other compilations are not included - only studio and live albums are.

1966: Fresh Cream (No.39)
1967: Disraeli Gears (No.4)
1968: Wheels of Fire (No.1)
1969: Goodbye (No.2)
1970: Live Cream (No.15)

1. Anyone For Tennis (No.64)
2. Sunshine of Your Love (No.5)
3. White Room (No.6)
4. Badge (No.60)
5. Crossroads (No.28)

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