Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chart History: Kiss

Chart History is a feature that highlights a hard rock/heavy metal act and how well the duo/group or individual performed on the Billboard charts.

Today we focus on Kiss. Here is a rundown of all singles and albums that charted while the group was together. Greatest hits and other compilations are not included -only studio and live albums are.

1974: Kiss (No.87)
1974: Hotter Than Hell (No.100)
1975: Dressed To Kill (No.32)
1975: Alive! (No.9)
1976: Destroyer (No.11)
1976: Rock And Roll Over (No.11)
1977: Love Gun (No.4)
1978 Alive II (No.7)
1979: Dynasty (No.9)
1980: Unmasked (No.35)
1981: Music From The Elder (No.75)
1982: Creatures Of The Night (No.45)
1983: Lick It Up (No.24)
1984: Animalize (No.20)
1985: Asylum (No.20)
1987: Crazy Nights (No.18)
1989: Hot In The Shade (No.29)
1992: Revenge (No.6)
1993: Alive III (No.9)
1995: Carnival of Souls (No.27)
1996: MTV Unplugged (No.15)
1998: Psycho Circus (No.3)
2003: Alive IV (No.18)

1. Kissin' Time (No.83)
2. Rock And Roll All Nite (No.68)
3. Rock And Roll All Nite (No.12) re-entry
4. Beth (No.7)
5. Detroit Rock City (No.7)
6. Shout It Out Loud (No.31)
7. Flaming Youth (No.74)
8. Calling Dr. Love (No.16)
9. Hard Luck Woman (No.15)
10. Christine Sixteen (No.25)
11. Love Gun (No.61)
12. Rocket Ride (No.39)
13. Shout It Out Loud (No.54) re-entry
14. I Was Made For Lovin' You (No.11)
15. Sure Know Something (No.47)
16. Shandi (No.47)
17. A World Without Heroes (No.56)
18. Lick It Up (No.66)
19. Heaven's On Fire (No.49)
20. Tears Are Falling (No.51)
21. Crazy, Crazy Nights (No.65)
22. Reason to Live (No.64)
23. Hide Your Heart (No.66)
24. Forever (No.8)
25. Let's Put The X In Sex (No.97)
26. Rise To It (No.81)

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