Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chart History: Aerosmith

Chart History is a feature that highlights a hard rock/heavy metal act and how well the duo/group or individual performed on the Billboard charts.

Today we focus on Aerosmith. Here is a rundown of all singles and albums that charted while the group was together. Greatest hits and other compilations are not included -only studio and live albums are.

1973: Aerosmith (No.21)
1974: Get Your Wings (No.74)
1975: Toys In The Attic (No.11)
1976: Rocks (No.3)
1977: Draw The Line (No.11)
1978: Live Bootleg (No.13)
1979: Night In The Ruts (No.14)
1982: Rock In A Hard Place (No.32)
1985: Done With Mirrors (No.36)
1986: Classics Live (No.84)
1987: Permanent Vacation (No.11)
1989: Pump (No.5)
1993: Get A Grip (No.1)
1997: Nine Lives (No.1)
1998: A Little South Of Sanity (No.12)
2001: Just Push Play (No.2)
2004: Honkin' On Bobo (No.5)
2005: Rockin' The Joint: Live at The Hard Rock Hotel (No.24)

1. Dream On (No.59)
2. Sweet Emotion (No.36)
3. Dream On (No.6) Re-chart
4. Home Tonight (No.71)
5. Last Child (No.21)
6. Back In The Saddle (No.38)
7. Draw The Line (No.42)
8. Walk This Way (No.10)
9. Come Together (No.23)
10. Kings and Queens (No.70)
11. Chip Away The Stone (No.77)
12. Remember (Walking In The Sand) (No.67)
13. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) (No.14)
14. Angel (No.3)
15. Rag Doll (No.17)
16. Love In An Elevator (No.5)
17. Janie's Got A Gun (No.4)
18. What It Takes (No.9)
19. The Other Side (No.22)
20. Amazing (No.24)
21. Cryin' (No.12)
22. Livin' On The Edge (No.18)
23. Blind Man (No.48)
24. Crazy (No.17)
25. Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) (No.35)
26. Hole In My Soul (No.51)
27. Pink (No.27)
28. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (No.1)
29. Jaded (No.7)
30. Walk This Way w/Run DMC (No.3)

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