Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Welcome to Denim and Leather

Hello and welcome to Denim and Leather.

This video and text blog is about one thing dear to my heart - music. In particular hard rock, heavy metal, power rock or whatever label you want to give it.

I first became enamored with this style of music back in 1973 when my brother wore out his turntable playing 'Smoke on the Water' by Deep Purple. From there, I branched out to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and of course, every young kids band in the 70s - Kiss.

From there came progressive rock and more extreme forms of metal, but one thing always kept me coming back - the sheer power and energy of the music.

Now that I'm older and have watched through the years how hard rock/heavy metal has evolved, it amazes me all the different categories and off-shoots there actually are. I like them all, but I still prefer the good-old fashioned hard-rock of the sixties, seventies and some of the eighties.

What this blog will attempt to do is entertain - pure and simple. We will have music video posts from many different bands, album reviews of new albums, news from all over the hard rock/metal world and much, much more.

It's my sincere hope that you offer comments, suggestions and anything else that you may contribute to make this blog not only fun and entertaining, but educational as well.

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